On Humility and Childbirth

Few things can humble you like going through childbirth.

Some examples in no particular order:

1. I found myself joking with a nurse whom I had just met while sitting on the toilet. (I think I may have had a nightmare that was similar only the toilet was on a stage.)

2. Strangers walk into the room while you are legs spread, pushing with all your might and probably making the ugliest faces and noises of your life.

3. You go into labor with a plan but life rarely goes as you plan it. Can I get an Amen?

4. After c-section I had to learn to go number one again without a catheter. Nothing makes you feel like a potty-training toddler like a good chiding from the nurse for only depositing 150 ml on the last go around.

5. You pretty much wear diapers for weeks following birth.

6. Your hormones wig out on you and you wake up in the hospital sweating like a drenched pig with no way to get relief.

7. The weight you gained during pregnancy is not willing to go away without a fight.

8. An 8-pound human being dictates your schedule, your diet, and your sleep.

But the most humbling part of birth is this: God allows an imperfect, messy human, like myself, to carry life and to witness life emerging into the world. AND I am honored to care for and raise a little image bearer of God. It’s life-altering. It’s amazing. It’s humbled me.

How has childbirth impacted you? And for my friends who have adopted, how has the process changed you?

Published by AllisonGraber

Allison Graber is a Nashville writer and lover of Jesus. She is 14-years married to Lynn, a mix engineer with quiet ways and a loyal spirit. Her two little girls, Ellis and Adeleine, daily coax delight out of her heart. The paradigm through which she sees the world has been built brick-by-brick from her experiences with her Jesus, her love of people, through loss, curiosity, Holy words, and through the surprising joy of motherhood. She writes about these things at allisongraber.com.

One thought on “On Humility and Childbirth

  1. “and probably making the ugliest faces and noises of your life” – LOL!!! Seriously.
    Having a child is so humbling. And not just the physical stuff; as you said, the fact that God trusts us to care for His creation is astounding! We have to rely on Him to do it right, don’t we?!

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