Inhabiting the Midnight Silence

It’s in the middle of the night, when everything is silent and sleepy and slow, that I hear God most.

I could fill my mind with the jutting hills, the vast sky, the crashing ocean waves, the changing of the seasons, the microscopic universe, my personal history, the history of civilization, scientific and archaeological discovery, philosophical ideologies, books on every subject under the sun and the love I have for the people around me and although each would scream out the reality of God, they pale in comparison to God’s nearness in the quiet moments. He is personal, as near to me as my beating heart and dearer to me than my next breath.

If everything were to perish, it is His nearness that would sustain, because it’s for this that we were made. He is life itself and when He inhabits the midnight silence, the rest fades into oblivion and I hear Him whisper that I am loved.

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