God is Not Afraid of You

God is not afraid of your questions. He welcomes you to wrestle with Him. Don’t fear His response when you ask Him things that seem larger than life. He is big enough to handle them.

God is not afraid of your anger. He knows you live in an unjust world. Speak freely. He has the infinite capacity to love. Your anger could never remove you from His heart.

God is not afraid of your drama. He saw the beginning and He knows the end. He doesn’t roll His eyes at what you are experiencing in life. He cares deeply about your story because He’s chosen your story to help display His glory to the world.

God is not afraid of your messes. What you see as an unsolvable problem, He sees as a fractal-an “infinitely complex pattern”-order in the chaos.

God is not afraid of process. We think He is only in our solutions. No. He is with us on the journey and in the resolution.

God is not afraid of your depression. You are not a disappointment or a project to Him. You are His beloved and when you are hurting, He is hurting with you.

Fear is not in God’s nature. He is Love itself and “Perfect love drives out fear.” As you interact with God today, know that you can come as you are. God is not afraid of what you bring.

Published by AllisonGraber

Allison Graber is a Nashville writer and lover of Jesus. She is 14-years married to Lynn, a mix engineer with quiet ways and a loyal spirit. Her two little girls, Ellis and Adeleine, daily coax delight out of her heart. The paradigm through which she sees the world has been built brick-by-brick from her experiences with her Jesus, her love of people, through loss, curiosity, Holy words, and through the surprising joy of motherhood. She writes about these things at allisongraber.com.

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