A Little Space

If you’ve lately noticed my absence from social media, it’s because I’ve been embracing the meaning of the word “space.”

Space to do the important work instead of just write about it. Space to think, to be. Space to experience the joy of my daughters’ daily growth and milestones without the need to document it. Space to give to my marriage from the deep places. Space for God to fully do what he does.

The real, deep work in life is not meant to be the public, broadcast endeavors. It’s in the space you give God to move in the exquisite mundane.

So, if I’m still a little absent from the public eye, it’s because I’m re-arranging furniture, sweeping floors, dusting off shelves, and picking up some clutter as God does His deep work in me.

Love you, my friends.

One thought on “A Little Space

  1. Andrea says:

    Good for you and your family. I have been off Facebook for about two months and it has been so refreshing. The only thing I miss is seeing family pictures since I live so far from them.
    God Bless you and your family as you see what is important to you.


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