Bravery doesn’t mean doing the thing that brings the most praise, sometimes the bravest acts go unnoticed.

Bravery doesn’t mean doing the easy thing, sometimes the brave thing is the thing you feel will leave you undone.

Bravery doesn’t always mean walking forward in confidence, sometimes it’s simply walking forward.

Bravery doesn’t mean the absence of fear, it’s placing your trust in the God who is bigger than our fears.

Bravery isn’t always orderly, oftentimes it’s messy and unpredictable.

Bravery can mean saying yes, no or even not yet. It’s specific to our stories.

Sometimes bravery is simply sitting in silence and listening to that small voice within instead of filling the void with tasks and errands and entertainment and experiences.

If I’ve learned anything from my 33 years in this world, it’s that bravery is not a characteristic reserved only for knights, superheroes and soldiers. Bravery is as necessary to being human as is breathing.

Is there anyone in your life who has epitomized what it means to be brave?

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