On Humility

Humility is a correct understanding of where we stand in relation to God.

It does not mean we are supposed to live as a door mat. It’s walking confidently in who God is and who he made us to be. He is always on the throne and we are a part of his kingdom.

Let’s quit it with the compliment-ducking, shame-inducing, condemning idea that to have humility means we must always think poorly of ourselves.


Here are a few things I know:

God has given me value.

I am not God but I am a child of God and made in his image.

I am only human but I am a temple of the Holy Spirit.

I am broken but redeemed-

dead in my sin but alive in Christ.

I am often mistaken but never a mistake.

False humility is really pride in disguise. Throw it away. True humility will never result in condemnation and shame but will always end in a thankful heart and the worship of God.

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