Jesus and Women

This Is A Woman’s World Too

Jesus and Women

Women, when it seems as if the world is not yours-

Like your voice is drowned out by the masses-

Remember this:

Even though it feels like we live in a man’s world, we don’t.

Men don’t own it even though some may claim it as their territory.

Politicians don’t own it, even though their rhetoric fills our ears and our screens on a daily basis.

This is my Father’s world and when Jesus said that He came to bring Life and bring it to the full, he means for you too.

He came for His sons AND daughters.

Remember that as a citizen of God’s kingdom your voice is valuable.

Your experiences matter. Your pain matters. The light in your story matters.

Go forward in bold humility with the knowledge that you belong to someone greater than any person, circumstance, or politician.

You are His.

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