Staring Down Your Weakness


It’s hard to show up when you’re the weakest in the room. It’s humbling to bumble through when others seem to get it right away.

I’ve decided to stare at my weakness and say, “That. That is the place where I will focus my energy.”

And for me that’s been working out in a gym with dozens of other women. In the past when I’ve wanted to crawl in a hole to hide from people around me (because of paralyzing body shame), God’s been gracious enough to change my perception of vulnerability. Being vulnerable is a way to show what you value.

So every lunge, every sit-up, every weight lifted, every inhale and exhale is an act of love- for the God who made my body, for the strength in my weakness, for the person God made me to be, and for the family he placed in my care.

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