How to Nail a Conversational Read as a Voice Actor

In today’s voice over industry, conversational reads are highly sought after by clients. As a female voice actor in Nashville, I’ve found you must master the art of delivering a conversational read to stand out and get hired. Here are some tips on how to nail a conversational read.

Understand the Script

The first step in delivering a conversational read is to understand the script. Read the script carefully and get to know the message, tone, and target audience. This will help you deliver a natural and authentic performance that resonates with the listener.

Visualize the Listener

When doing a conversational read, it’s essential to visualize the listener. Imagine you’re having a conversation with a friend or a colleague, and you’re explaining something to them. This will help you deliver a performance that sounds natural and engaging.

Use Emotion

Conversational reads are all about conveying emotion. Use your voice to express the intended emotion behind the words. Be it excitement, surprise, or humor, let your voice reflect the emotion behind the words. This will make the performance feel more authentic and relatable to the listener.

Add Pauses and Inflections

To deliver a conversational read, it’s crucial to add pauses and inflections in the right places. Pause at commas and full stops, and add emphasis to important words or phrases. This will help you create a natural rhythm in your performance, making it sound like a real conversation.

Be Yourself

Finally, the most important thing to remember when delivering a conversational read is to be yourself. Speak in your natural voice, and don’t try to force any accents or intonations. By being yourself, you’ll be able to deliver a performance that feels natural and authentic.

Delivering a conversational read is a must-have skill for any voice actor in Nashville and beyond. By understanding the script, visualizing the listener, using emotion, adding pauses and inflections, and being yourself, you’ll be able to deliver a conversational performance that stands out and gets you hired.

Published by AllisonGraber

Allison is a storyteller who knows the art of bringing a script to life in her voice over performances. Her warm and approachable tone instantly puts her clients at ease and ensures that their message is delivered with sincerity and genuineness. When she’s not in the recording booth working on eLearning, corporate narration, voice of God, meditation narration, audiobooks, or commercial voice over, you can find her reading a book or out with friends exploring what Nashville has to offer. She owns a professional recording studio outfitted with ProTools, Audient iD14, and Neumann, AKG, and Shure microphones. The room is a quiet, acoustically treated space.

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