Find Me Today…

Today I am guest blogging over at Her Kind of Brave where I write about my take on what it means to be brave. Some of the best life lessons come from teachers who are half your size. It’s one of the wonders of parenthood. You can find my piece here: When Bravery Means MovingContinue reading “Find Me Today…”

When You Feel Like a Monument to Your Pain

We were never meant to be hardened creatures, simplified reminders of the despair in the world. We were sculpted, with all our complexities, to be living, moving images of the beautiful God who made us…

Empathy: How an Angry Woman Reminded Me About Its’ Importance

She was sitting, hunched in the corner near the trampoline. The two little girls in her charge were jumping and playing. Obvious to any observer, she was angry and in a bad mood.

Loneliness in Motherhood: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Long for Connection

“Is there something wrong with me?” I said to myself as I left the mother’s prayer breakfast. A wave of loneliness enveloped me in an almost physical way as I thought about how I had been in a room with 15 other women yet felt so isolated and alone.

Big Love, Deep Vulnerability, and Unbridled Courage: Three Essentials for Thriving in Hope

To hope means we know there is something bigger than us, something that we are a part of that is more than the “now.”