How My Four-Year Old Was Christ to the Homeless

“Mommy, can we go to the store and buy food for people who don’t have a home?” I was taken aback by my daughter’s request as we pulled out of her preschool parking lot. “Of course. Let’s do it now,” I said.

Independence or God’s Mercy; How a Childhood Longing Revealed What I Value

But yet, whenever we drove into town, to church or to school, I was drawn to those fields we passed in which a lone tree stood, firm and spreading in the center of the flat space. There was usually just one tree and although the farmland engulfed everything around it, the tree was often strong and substantial in size.

When the Bible Says “For God so Loved the World,” It Doesn’t Mean…

When scripture says God so loved the world, it doesn’t mean he loves only the wealthy or the male or the American or the white skinned or the baby after a certain stage of development or the heterosexual person or the citizen or the people who contribute financially/are beneficial to society.

Empathy: How an Angry Woman Reminded Me About Its’ Importance

She was sitting, hunched in the corner near the trampoline. The two little girls in her charge were jumping and playing. Obvious to any observer, she was angry and in a bad mood.